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Our famous full-service oil change includes changing the oil and oil filter, topping off all fluids under the hood, airing up the tires, washing the windshield, and checking all lights for functionality.


Are your headlights not shining quite as far as they use to? Do they have that thick yellow film on them from the sun? Well at DC Precision lube & tune we have a solution, we offer high-quality headlight restoration. We take the time to sand off all of the build-up using 8 different ultrafine grits of sandpaper and then use a polyurethane coating that leaves looking like a fresh piece of glass, ensuring you will get optimum distance and visibility out of your headlights.


Have you had a Radiator Flush performed on your vehicle since you've owned it? If not stop into either one of our locally owned locations today and let us take a look at your vehicle's antifreeze! Most manufacturers recommend having the cooling system flushed out every 5 years or 100,000 miles with long life antifreeze and every 3 years or 30,000 miles with standard green antifreeze. Antifreeze keeps your vehicle from freezing up in the winter and from overheating in the summer, after so long antifreeze wears out and its PH level goes bad and stops lubricating the water pump and eventually starts to sludge up clogging up the radiator, the heater core, and leaving a thick coating throughout the entire cooling system which will lead to leaks, poor coolant flow, and other mechanical problems.


Proper maintenance plays a key part in the longevity of your vehicle. At DC precision lube & tune we do a complete Transmission Service! If your vehicle has a pan on it we will remove the pan, clean all the metal shavings out, install a new filter and gasket, refill the pan then do a complete 12-quart flush, other vehicles simply have a magnetic drain plug that catches all the metal shaving's if so we drain the Transmission clean the drain plug off then refill it before performing a complete 12-quart flush! We go the extra mile to ensure those metal shavings don't get stirred around when the flush is performed by removing them prior to the flush! Most places will just hook up the flush machine and stir all that sediment around. So if you want your Transmission serviced precisely then stop on by either one of our locations today.


Are your brakes squeaking, squealing, vibrating, or is the pedal mushy and having a hard time stopping? Well if so please stop on by for a free brake inspection! Our techs will thoroughly go through your entire brake system inspecting all of the components including pads, rotors, calipers, drums, shoes, springs, and hoses as well as the entire hydraulic system. We'll take you out and show everything that is going on with your vehicle's braking system and provide you with a no-obligation estimate! Our Precision brake service will include replacing your Brake pads, resurfacing your Brake rotors as well as cleaning and relubricating all of the metal contact points to ensure that there are no squeaks. There are additional costs to repack bearings and replace rotors if there is too much wear. Some restrictions do apply.


How long has it been since your vehicle has had a Tune-Up? Stop in today and if your not sure we will take the time to check one of your spark plugs condition to see if you need one. If your gas mileage has suddenly decreased or you've noticed it running rough or maybe even a lack of power, it might be time. All vehicles have different mileage recommendations for Tune-Ups as well as different things they need done during the Tune-Up. The newer the vehicle, the less complex. One thing for sure it would be a good idea to let us take a look for you. And get you a complimentary, no-obligation, detailed estimate of your vehicle's needs!


Is that annoying Check Engine Light lit up on your dashboard? Tired of wondering what it is? Well, stop by and we will be more than happy to provide you with a FREE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT DIAGNOSTIC! Your vehicle's computer is designed to monitor hundreds of sensors and systems on your vehicle that are ultimately crucial to your vehicle's overall function as well as performance! And that pesky little light could be alerting you to something that needs taken care of right away before it leads to a bigger problem and it can be something as simple as the gas cap is loose either way stop on by and get a little peace of mind and have us check it for FREE, some restrictions do apply.


We will completely evacuate your freon, pull all the moisture and noncondensable gases out of the system, pull a vacuum to check for large leaks, recharge the system with up to 4 lbs of R-134 freon and the precise amount of PAG oil, we will also inject a dye into the system to easily spot future leaks down the road. Our service does come with a 90 recharge warranty as long as the necessary repairs are done if it leaks out. Other types of freon are not included but most vehicles still use R-134 freon.


Have you had your Fuel Filter replaced recently? Not all vehicles have Fuel Filters equipped, but if they do they are recommended by the manufacturer to be replaced every 15,000 to 30,000 miles depending on the manufacturer's recommendations. The vehicle's Fuel Filter plays a key role in the performance and longevity of your vehicle. Fuels have a lot of impurities in them and the filter is the last line of defense in protecting your vehicle's engine, after it gets so plugged up it starts to put a strain on your fuel pump and eventually will start letting dirty fuel right into the engine which leads to excessive carbon buildup in the engine! All diesel vehicles are recommended to have the Fuel Filter replaced every 15,000 miles.


Is your vehicle running rough? Or maybe having a hard time idling? Well if so it probably time to have a Fuel Injection service performed on your vehicle! All vehicles should have a Fuel Injection service performed every 30,000 miles. With all the ethanol in gas nowadays it leaves a heavy residue of carbon buildup on everything the gas touches which will starve your vehicle's gas mileage and performance. We offer a 3 step service that cleanses your entire fuel delivery system and will optimize your efficiency and make sure your vehicle is ready for the road.


Stop by today and let us take a look at your Serpentine/Drive Belts! These belts are crucial for your vehicle to remain on the road, it only takes a few seconds to inspect them as they are visible on the outside of your engine! They power your alternator, water pump, A/C compressor, and power steering pump! If these belts become cracked or frayed they are at risk of breaking and leaving you stranded. Stop on by today and let us take a look! DC Precision Lube & Tune keeping you running down the road!


Have you ever had your Cabin Air Filter replaced? Are you getting less airflow out of your air vents? How about any odors coming out of the vents? Almost all vehicles nowadays have a Cabin Air Filter compartment in the vehicle which is designed by the manufacturer to filter all the air that you and your loved ones breathe while in the vehicle! All Cabin Air Filters are recommended to be replaced every 15,000 miles and is important to do so because by that time they are very plugged up. Cabin Air Filters are HEPA filters that filter pollen, bacteria, and other foreign objects out of the air that we're not supposed to be breathing!


Are you planning on purchasing a vehicle in the near future? If so stop on by either one of our locations for a FREE Pre Purchase Inspection. Let our technicians go thru your future vehicle with a fine-tooth comb and let you know about everything it needs so you don't have a big surprise also we will give you a detailed list of stuff it needs and that will help you negotiate a better purchase price!


Have you had your TIMING BELT replaced? Not all vehicles have them as some have a timing chain, but if they do it is one the most important things to keep up on! Most manufacturers recommend replacing them about every 90,000 miles, if this belt fails it usually means catastrophic engine failure which isn't cheap. This is an internal engine belt under the timing cover which keeps your crankshaft and camshaft in tune with each other it is not visible without removal of the timing cover. Stop on by today to have us get you an estimate!

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